Software Testing


We do it right and we do test it right

Quality issues often create operational hurdles for companies and lead to unwanted business expenses. Organizations are often aware about issues with software development and performance, but remain puzzled over corrective measures. eDataForce specializes in analyzing and fixing quality issues in order to enhance performance and speed to market. We provide world class performance tuning and testing services for enterprise-wide software systems. Software testing takes assessment across its entire lifecycle to provide a clear picture.

Our experienced consulting services ensure that an organizational system is capable enough to manage workload by testing its reliability, stability, resource usage and scalability. Our extensive software testing comprises QA testing, bug management, risk identification and weekly benchmarking.

Software testing services of eDataForce enable our clients in optimizing, envisioning and transforming their quality approach. We believe in delivering measurable results along with quality enhancement.

Our quality management package includes :

Regression Testing

Unit Testing

Our QA approach and capabilities include :

Continuous Testing during Development phase

Formulation of Test Plan